Hmm - I have a graphic novel trilogy set to be published via Amazon's Jet City Comics imprint later this year ... I wonder how this acquisition will be apt to affect my project, especially re. marketing. Amazon historically hasn't been much good at marketing other than via notifications within its own channels, which… » 4/10/14 4:00pm 4/10/14 4:00pm

I remember participating in a similar experiment/demonstration as a schoolkid in the mid-late '70s. Our teacher, who was also an amateur actor, had a random minority of kids isolated behind a barrier of desks in the middle of the classroom. The majority on the outside (me included) were then encouraged to shout abuse… » 4/04/14 8:23am 4/04/14 8:23am

The original artist illustrating my graphic novel trilogy has unfortunately had to withdraw from the project due to ill health. While the new artist is catching up, I've initiated a collaboration with fan-fiction writers via Amazon's Kindle Worlds platform. I'm offering contributing writers advance access to my… » 4/01/14 8:02am 4/01/14 8:02am

Aren't the facial expressions that read as friendly smiling and laughing to humans actually fear/aggression signifiers among apes? I seem to remember a theory that apes in zoos are constantly freaked out because they interpret the expressions of spectating humans as aggressive. Maybe that's the point in the scene… » 3/27/14 2:52pm 3/27/14 2:52pm