Wedges and lifts are ubiquitous in costume design for performers who are slightly shorter than their characters need to be. They're also typically swapped out for stunt boots (same design but without the high heels) during action scenes, because of the actual danger of fighting, running etc. in high heels. » 7/26/14 11:17am Saturday 11:17am

I've self-published 8 extremely niche-interest non-fiction books via Lulu and they've brought in about $30,000 over the past 11 years, a modest success due mostly to the fact that one of my pet topics suddenly developed a bit of a pop-culture following. » 7/25/14 7:07pm Friday 7:07pm

I was once driving through a small country town, late at night, in a car full of male professional wrestlers. We passed two young women walking down the street and, seemingly of one mind, the wrestlers rolled down their windows and began yelling comments (this was a long time back and I can't recall exactly what they… » 7/22/14 2:24pm Tuesday 2:24pm

For Katie's fourth birthday, her Auntie Ann gives her a Power Princess sword (a hurried impulse buy from Toys R Us - Katie doesn't need to know that, but Katie's Mommy side-eyes her sister-in-law as the wrapping falls away). The sword is pink and made of soft, rounded plastic, and something inside it makes a soft,… » 7/17/14 5:39pm 7/17/14 5:39pm